Nowadays Melon Group is the only exclusive dealer in Russia and the CIS.

For several centuries now, Hanzō Steel Ltd. Co specializes in the production of professional tools made of steel alloys. The manufacturer assures the quality of the metal and claims that it is stronger than diamonds.

At each stage of the production process, the tool goes through several stages of manual sharpening by different craftsmen, each of whom brings the tool to the ideal.
Premium metal alloy

Japanese steel, which has high hardness, increased strength, reliable corrosion protection, is resistant to sanitary treatment.

Innovative technology

The innovative design of the cutter joint ensures a perfect smooth running of the cutting blades and a softer cut of the cuticle.

Only for professionals

For real experts and connoisseurs of the good manicure.

A tool of the highest class cannot be a product of machine production. To do this, the company employs master sharpeners, whose experience and skills have been developing and improving over the centuries.

The values that we share are the continuous exchange of skill and excellence in every movement of the master. This process runs like an invisible thread through the entire history of Hanzō Steel Ltd. Co

We create tools that we are proud of.

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